The much awaiting 8th generation video game console Wii U has been launched on November 18th at midnight. The console is alleged to be one of the most trend-turning from Nintendo. Its predecessor Nintendo Wii was much appreciated and applauded. The present Wii U will support High definition graphics with an internal memory of 2GB RAM. Interestingly 1 GB of the memory will go in support of the Operating System.

Nintendo has launched the Console in two types of packages:

  1. Basic version and
  2. Deluxe version

The basic Version will have an internal Flash memory of 4 GB whereas the deluxe version boasts of 8GB. Both the packs come with the usual accessories used for connectivity plus the game pad.

The Game pad is the controller with touch sensitive screen. The controller is remotely connected to the television or any game display for play. In case any display element is not available then the touch screen will act as on, thereby, making it as a standalone gaming device.

The touch screen gamepad might appear unsuitable for hardcore gamers. This is the reason as to why Nintendo has come up with Wii U Controller Pro. This is secondary gamepad, which is available separately. On a closer look, one would say that Nintendo stole Xbox 360 controller’s design. However, the design for Wii U Controller Pro is based on the previous version of Wii Classic Controller.

Technical Features of Nintendo Wii 8th Gen:

The gamepad has a screen of 6.2 inch with display ratio of 16:9. There is an inbuilt microphone with Infra Red sensor. A stylus is included with the gamepad. There is one D pad and the usual ABCD buttons with two analog sticks. For perfect gaming experience the gamepad has 3 axis built in accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor.

Video are of High definition 1080p supporting 720p, 560i and 480p. Audio is Multi AV output through HDMI port.

There are 4 USB 2.0 ports (two at front and 2 at the rear), HDMI port, AV multi output port and SD card slot.

It has a RAM of 2GB from which 1GB is dedicated to run operating system.

The CPU is built on IBM Power Architecture, which is a multi-core processor. Graphic card boasts of AM Radeon (High Definition).

Media Features of of Nintendo Wii 8th Gen:

The Nintendo Wii U features television viewing on the go. Though this was the news revealed in the previous official release, current news states that Nintendo has delayed television features until late December. Therefore, users will have to wait for this feature until December which is almost a month after launch.

Games on of Nintendo Wii 8th Gen:

The Nintendo Wii U will launch with 23 games. Although the numbers of games appear meager, addition of more games is expected after few months of launch.

Therefore, stay close to news, stay abreast with any change in the Market, and be the first of your friends to grab this console.

Nintendo Wii U will change the gaming arena with its first 8thgeneration console. Seriously, if you do not own one, you are definitely going to be left behind.

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