IPhone 5 developed by Apple Inc. Released on 28 September 2012 is a smart device with improved features and new specifications than its predecessor. The amazing and attractive specifications and inbuilt apps in iPhone5 has made it a must have smartphone to make your task easier and run your business in a smoother way. The following data explains detailed information about iPhone5 specifications:

It has got a larger display than its predecessor and is enabled with built-in 1GB Random Access Memory along with 16/32/64 internal storage memory capacity.

This device supports LTE wireless networking technologies such as 2G, 3G or 4G and is built on powerful A6 processor that can browse files on internet and download them instantly. The graphical performance is double the speed of A5 in iPhone4.

Here are some of the useful apps for iPhone 5 to run your business smoothly:

1) Evernote: This is one if the best business apps specifically accustomed as a reminder tool. This alerts to remind your dues, late payments and track expenses to let you know where you spend all your income. It supports tracking notes from audio or video records and save them for later use, organise all your financial data together and handle them effectively.

2) Expensify: Expensify syncs with all the devices; this is one of the great app to use in business and increase your productivity. It tracks expenses made every month on your credit and bank accounts. Allocates your expenses into different categories and demonstrates detailed report for each of them, the app generates expense report and let you analyse how to save money on your bills.

3) Mint: Mint is referred as best finance app with an easy user interface. It tracks expenses and helps in monitoring your budget simultaneously; user can make changes in the budget. This ensures privacy and enables password protection to secure your financial data. With this app you will be able to know your investment style with your portfolio.

4) Siri: The Siri is an inbuilt app developed by artificial intelligence software engineers. This helps in getting things done right on your fingertips and could be used as a reminder for your personal and business activities.

5) Cisco WebEx:WebEx is one of the great apps for iPhone5; it helps in setting viral business meeting with teams and staff when you’re away from your office. It also schedules your meeting and enables video chatting and supports you to welcome multiple users to join your conferences.

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